Bio: Miss Fit Marie. Befitting, for those of you who know me. For those of you who don’t – allow me to explain. The Cocktail Party Info: Not-quite 30 yo female; born and raised in Ohio; Graduated with degrees in both Psychology and Health Science in 2009 from Clemson University, SC; Living in Phoenix, AZ. Almost a decade of work in the healthcare field assisting patients with issues ranging from Bipolar disorder to heroin abuse to clinical sociopathy to Trauma victimization and lots of co-occurring medical area in between. Why Miss Fit? Simple. In addition to my love of all things health and wellness, I am a nerd who enjoys nothing more than a good pun with a double meaning. I have always swam against the current, bucked authority, and rejected the status quo [just ask my parents]. As an adult who remembers what it was like to be a sick child in and out of hospitals, I committed myself long ago to taking care of my body. Over the years, I have come to know just how fragile the human body is when not taken care of properly; and similarly, what an incredible, resilient machine the human body is when treated well. And so, out of, circumstance, trial, commitment, and just a pinch of irony, Miss Fit was born. Regardless of what else may come my way, my goal, is to be Fit4Life. Join Me.

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